Which is the app that allows you to chat and call even when there is no mobile network?

It's 2014.  People were on the streets in Hong Kong.  Were doing a protest.  Pro-Democracy Protest.  Revolt in support of democracy.  During this Protest, the name of an app started to be known in the news.  Firechat.

 Chats and calls can be made via FireChat, without mobile networks.  If the mobile network of an area is blocked, firechat will continue.  People will be able to call and message each other.

 Protests are taking place in many places in India.  The government has blocked mobile networks and internet in some areas.  In such a situation, the name of Firechat is being heard once again.

 In this article, we will tell you how apps like Firechat work without mobile networks.

 Let us first understand how the mobile network works.

 'Hey!  Is the tower coming? '

 When we have to ask someone here, is there a network in mobile or not?  So he says whether the mobile has a tower or not?  Everyone knows that mobile networks work with the help of towers in our area.  But how does the network run with the help of the Exact tower?

Network means network.  Web of information  Your message, call and internet data are all information.  Information is transported from one place to another with the help of network.  You have to send an information from here to somewhere else.  How will she go?

 Suppose information is a ball.  And your phone is a ball throwing machine.  You have to deliver this ball to Priya's phone 500 km away.  But your phone is a weak machine.  He can only throw balls up to 500 meters away.  Then how will this ball go to Priya's home 500 kilometers away?

 Here towers are used.  There is power in the tower.  A tower is a machine that can throw the ball far.

Your phone passes the ball to the nearest tower.  The tower throws the ball towards the other tower next to it.  Second tower on the third tower.  By doing so, the ball will reach the tower closest to Priya.  And that tower will throw the ball towards Priya's phone.

 This process is not so simple.  Much more happens in between.  And all this happens at a very fast speed.  But this is enough sense for yourself.

 Now let's bring the government in this ball game.  To say, towers belong to private companies.  But the government has control over them.  If the government has to jam the network in an area, then the government stops this tower system.  And no tower can take your shallow ball to Priya.  Now how did the ball reach Priya?

Here the entry of the sister of the mobile network takes place.  Sister's name is Mash Network.  Apps like Firechat use mash networks.  What is this mash network?

 'Jyot Se Jyot Jagate Chalo' - Mash Network

 In the thirteenth century there was a Marathi poet - Saint Dnyaneshwar.  In 1964 a film was made on Sant Dnyaneshwar.  Lata Mangeshkar has sung a song in the film -

 Come on, wake up Jyot with Jyot, shed the Ganges of love

 Mash Network operates on this principal.  There is also another way to deliver the ball to Priya without towers.  Our phones have things called Bluetooth and WiFi.  Through them, our phones can throw balls up to 50-100 meters.

There is no tower-like middleman in the mash network.  Your phone passes the ball to the other phone next door.  Second phone to third.  And as such passes, the ball will reach Priya.  Every phone in the Mash network works as a postman.

Keep one thing in mind.  Priya's phone must be connected to that mash network.  Meaning Priya's phone should also have the same app.  And from you to Priya it is important to have several phones in the mash network.  Suppose the ball reaches more distance between two phones as it reaches?  Meaning if the distance has come so far that Bluetooth and WiFi can throw the ball to the adjacent phone, what will happen?

 Firechat people say - you have thrown the ball.  Now don't take tension.  The ball will reach Priya at some time.  How come brother?

 See, it is not that mash networked phones will be frozen in one place.  Man is not a tree, but it will stay in one place.  Man moves from one place to another.  And takes your phone with you.  When a phone goes from one place to another place, its phone will be connected to the queue of the network of mash elsewhere.  And as soon as it connects, your ball will reach those phones.  And from there she will find a way to Priya's phone.

If any phone of Mash network got internet then it would be a great game.  Suppose there is an internet jam in some area.  But networks are coming in a phone on its border.  Networks are coming, that means that the phone can take help of the nearby tower to bounce the ball.  The ball will reach the Internet-enabled phone via a mash network queue.  With the help of tower, this internet phone can reach the ball to any distance.  This ball reaches the whole world from the area without internet.

The more phones there are in the Mash network, the stronger it will be.  It is actually being called the network of democracy.  Because it draws its strength from the people (people) only.  In a democracy, governments also derive their power from the people, but this happens only once in five years.

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